EU Funding for Culture

Funding is available for cultural activitiesThere are various sources of funding at EU level for cultural actors. A good overview is available on the European Commission’s culture site.

The Interim Creative Europe Desk for Culture will be run by the British Council until the end of March 2014 and has begun providing the UK cultural and creative sectors with support on the new EU Creative Europe programme opportunities. Creative Europe replaces the Culture Programme (which ran until December 2013) and the Interim Creative Europe Desk for Culture replaces the Cultural Contact Point (CCP).

Audiovisual industries

MEDIA 2007 focuses on activities before and after production offering support for training, project development, distribution and promotion. The Programme puts in place measures to accompany the changes that digitisation is producing in the audiovisual sector at all stages of the production and distribution chain, including in terms of new skills for professionals in the sector.

The budget is €755 million over seven years (2007-13).

Further information: including contact details.

European Capitals of Culture

Every year a number of cities or regions are selected as European Capital of Culture. Although the UK is not due to select a capital for several years, as Liverpool held this title in 2008, the involvement of twin towns of cities in other countries could provide an opportunity for towns to take part. Check out the list of the countries that will host the European Capital of Culture up to 2019.

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